• 2011~
    • 2021. Renamed DL MOTORS Co., Ltd.
    • 2017. Daimler (Germany) Flywheel Housing parts order received
      LG Chem VW Specification Endplate Electric car parts orders
    • 2016. Hyundai Powertech Gamma CVT Valve Body,Rear Housing Development Component
      Development of Parts for TKP (GER) Steering Housing
      Renewal of ISO/TS16949 (SGS)
    • 2015. Hyundai Powertech Opening of Plant for Front Wheel 8-speed Valve Body
      Hyundai Powertech Mexico Extension of Plant for 6-speed Valve Body
    • 2013. Export of Parts to NISSAN (JPN)
      Production of 6-speed Large TM Case and Converter Housing
      Renewal of ISO/TS16949 (SGS)
    • 2012. Delivery of Hyundai Powertech 6-speed A/T Valve Body (China)
    • 2011. Production of 6-speed Small Converter Housing
      Winner of Quality Excellence Award (Hyundai Powertech)
  • 1978~2010
    • 2010. Delivery of Hyundai Powertech 6-speed A/T Valve Body (US)
      OHSAS 18001 Certification (SGS)
    • 2007. Winner of Award for Excellence in Technologies from Hyundai-Kia R&D Division
    • 2005. Export of Parts to JATCO (JPN)
      Export of Automotive Transmission Parts to
    • 2002. ISO/TS16949 Certificate (TUV)
    • 2000. ISO14001 Certificate (UL)
      Export to EATON (US) - Clutch Housing
    • 1984. Registration as a Certified Supplier of Hyundai Motor
    • 1978.Company Establishment

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